A Glance at the Different Types of Honda Motorbikes

By John Grant

Based on their functionality, style, and reliability, Honda Motorbikes are without a doubt some of the best motorcycles available today. The great thing about these bikes is that their functionality are matched by practicality and design which make them a perfect starter bike or one for advanced riders.

For example there is the attractive Honda CBR1000, the amazing Honda 599, and the gorgeous Honda CBR250 are among the best product lines ever designed by Honda Motors Co. All these wonderful machines combine style and efficiency to create super motorcycles for every type of rider there is.

Since the start of its motorcycling business in 1949, Honda Motors Co. has maintained the beauty and efficiency of its extensive line of Honda Motorbikes. Year after year, it continuously improves its wide array of product offerings, featuring excellent innovations and other technological advances as the years go by. Aside from the company's neve…

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Suzuki Motorcycles and Motorcycle Accessories

By Malinda Henderson

Suzuki is one of the top four motorcycle manufacturers in the word. They have a wide variety of motorcycles to choose from, including the following most popular:

Diamond Free X-6 Hustler Titan GT750 RG500 XN85 GSX-R

The Diamond Free made the world take notice of Suzuki by winning the Climb at Mount Fuji Hill in 1953.

X-6 Hustler

The X-6 Hustler was the company's first street-legal performance bike. It was introduced in the mid 1960's. This bike was the fastest 250cc bike during this time.


The Titan was a 500cc model bike. The Titan was the predecessor to the GT750, a two-stroke motorcycle that reached up to 110mph, going from 0mph to 60mph in five seconds. Following the GT750, Suzuki introduced a larger version of that same bike, the RG500. The RG500 ended up being the most successful racing bike of that time period.


The XN…

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Yamaha Motorcycles – Creativity and Spirit of Challenge

By Daniel Levy

"If you are going to do something, be the best"

Ginichi Kawakami, Yamaha Motor Company First President.

Yamaha Motorcycles, under this motto, employing all its creativity, and with a very strong spirit of challenge, became what it is now: one of the biggest players in the worldwide motorcycling scene.

But Yamaha's history doesn't start with motorcycles.

It is back in 1877 that Torakusu Yamaha started with the Nippon Gakki Company that later would become Yamaha Corporation: an important manufacturer of fine musical instruments.

As the company grew, they explored several fields of opportunity in the textile industry and others.

During the World War II, the company set up a factory to produce airplane propellers. This plant played an important role in Yamaha's entry to the motorcycle industry as you will see.

After the war, Yamaha Corporation had to find new ways to use the tooling a…

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Kawasaki Motorcycles

By Anna Brown

Introduced in 1954, Kawasaki motorcycles have made quite a name for themselves in high performance motorcycles. After manufacturing motorcycle engines for years, Kawasaki decided to get into the motorcycle business.

They bought out Megero Motorcycles in 1960 after making the decision that they would be a leader in the market. With that goal in mind, the company decided to offer every type of motorcycle at the same time. Using this strategy would make or break them. With the new company under their belt, they were able to sell everything from a 50cc model up to the powerful twin 650CC and anything in between.

Many of the Kawasaki models were designed for dirt bike racing. These are powerful yet lightweight, giving the rider an edge over the competition. Kawasaki bikes are also known for their sturdy frame, great suspension, and affordable price tags. Manufacturing the engines for years gave them the first-hand knowledge that would …

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Searching Information About Sports Motorcycles

By Penny Quyen

All sports motorcycles are classified in the street category. The design meets the high demands for performance, which corresponds to the way the features optimization takes place, usually at the expense of the rider's comfort. The forefather of these modern vehicles was produced by Vincent Motorcycles, a company that produced bikes that reached astounding speeds back in the 50s. The first real sport bike was produced by Honda in 1969. And sports motorcycle have been acclaimed ever since as the most sophisticated bikes of all.

The first sports motorcycles produced by Honda had an in-line 4-cylinder engine, and front disk brakes, opening the door for new bike technologies. Then followed Kawasaki Z1 that fired competition among Japanese motorcycle manufacturers. At the international level, the Japanese 'bike war' put a stop to the expansion of the British motorcycling industry, and changed the market dominance. Japanese sports motorcycles th…

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Why Choose a Honda Motorcycle?

By Vigdis S. Aas

When you are looking for a great motorcycle, you may want to try the Honda motorcycle. You will get this good dependable and quality product many years from. There is not doubt that you will be happy with your choice for many years to come. You will feel good and look good when you are riding down the road on your cool ride.

For a lot of the riders, finding the right motorcycle is going to be a difficult decision. They will take their time and find the right motorcycle that will be right for them. It will take a long time to search and find the one that will fit your personality and your lifestyle. It is important to make the best decision that you will be happy with and be comfortable with as well.

Most bike riders will ask their buddies what is going to be the best bike for them. They will take their information and advice and try to make the best decision for them. A lot of times the bike riders will discuss their problems w…

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