Suzuki Motorcycles and Motorcycle Accessories

By Malinda Henderson

Suzuki is one of the top four motorcycle manufacturers in the word. They have a wide variety of motorcycles to choose from, including the following most popular:

  • Diamond Free
  • X-6 Hustler
  • Titan
  • GT750
  • RG500
  • XN85
  • GSX-R

The Diamond Free made the world take notice of Suzuki by winning the Climb at Mount Fuji Hill in 1953.

X-6 Hustler

The X-6 Hustler was the company’s first street-legal performance bike. It was introduced in the mid 1960’s. This bike was the fastest 250cc bike during this time.


The Titan was a 500cc model bike. The Titan was the predecessor to the GT750, a two-stroke motorcycle that reached up to 110mph, going from 0mph to 60mph in five seconds. Following the GT750, Suzuki introduced a larger version of that same bike, the RG500. The RG500 ended up being the most successful racing bike of that time period.


The XN85 motorcycle that was introduced in the 1980’s won many races, including the first World Motocross Championship won in America. Following that, the next turbo-charged racing bike offered by Suzuki was called the GSX-R. This motorcycle had an aluminum frame which made it the lightest motorcycle in this class.

Various motorcycle reviews showed that Suzuki dominated the motorcycle racing circuit for a time, especially after winning the World Motocross Championship six times in the 1970’s. In the late 70’s, Suzuki successfully redesigned their four stroke models to meet new emissions regulations. Sales for Suzuki Motorcycle continued to soar.

In addition to the racing circuit, Suzuki did well in the cruising market. They introduced the Boulevard. This five-speed transmission model bike came in many different sizes. This was an attractive, extremely comfortable motorcycle that offered a very smooth ride no matter how long or on what terrain you traveled. It was priced right at just over $12,500. Their addition of the Boulevard and other cruising model bikes made the Suzuki brand motorcycle attractive to Mrs. Motorcycle, just as the racing bikes did for Mr. Motorcycle.

You can find a Suzuki at well over a thousand motorcycle dealers. They have a great twelve month warranty that affords unlimited miles, no deductible, and other perks. There is a large assortment of motorcycle accessories available from Suzuki as well. These accessories are available at many brick and mortar stores, as well as many online retail sites.

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