Kawasaki Motorcycles

By Anna Brown

Introduced in 1954, Kawasaki motorcycles have made quite a name for themselves in high performance motorcycles. After manufacturing motorcycle engines for years, Kawasaki decided to get into the motorcycle business.

They bought out Megero Motorcycles in 1960 after making the decision that they would be a leader in the market. With that goal in mind, the company decided to offer every type of motorcycle at the same time. Using this strategy would make or break them. With the new company under their belt, they were able to sell everything from a 50cc model up to the powerful twin 650CC and anything in between.

Many of the Kawasaki models were designed for dirt bike racing. These are powerful yet lightweight, giving the rider an edge over the competition. Kawasaki bikes are also known for their sturdy frame, great suspension, and affordable price tags. Manufacturing the engines for years gave them the first-hand knowledge that would …

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Kawasaki Motorcycles – Independent in Thoughts and Actions

By Daniel Levy

The story of Kawasaki Company goes back to 1924, at that time involved into metallurgy and the aircraft industry.

In 1949, they decided to enter the motorcycle industry producing engines that could be adapted to motorcycles.


In their line you could find a 60 cc two-stroke, as well as a 150cc and a 250cc four-stroke engines developed with technology from BMW; company whom with they had had relationships since their beginnings in the aeronautical industry.

It wasn't until 1954 that Kawasaki Motorcycles produced their first complete motorcycle under the name of Meihatsu (a subsidiary of Kawasaki Aircraft Co.).

Almost at the same time, they also tried to introduce their own line of scooters to the market, but they soon realized they couldn't compete against the two giants of the scooters industry for those days: the Fuji Rabbit and the Mitsubishi S…

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